• world-class healthcare

    Modern healthcare is amazingly advanced and dramatically broken. The majority of institutions herd patients through impersonal and desensitized systems where compassion, caring and personal touch are sorely absent. Advent is different. We treat people, not patients.

  • unparalleled customer service

    At Advent, we seek to not only treat injured people, but to treat injured people well. We design our facilities differently, train our staff differently, and setup our procedures and systems differently; all with the goal of providing a customer experience as excellent as our medical care. At Advent, we place a high value on local hospitals that share our vision of caring for injured people. We act as a loyal partner, working with hospitals to establish and maintain excellence in treatment to the communities they serve.

  • building a balanced and fulfilled team

    Everyone who works with us is part of the Advent family - not numbers, but valuable members of the team. Advent seeks to hire hard-working, exceptional people who are passionate about caring for others. In exchange, we compensate them exceptionally and provide a safe, professional and positive work environment. Team members can expect that Advent will support them as individuals by caring as much about their fulfillment outside of work as we do about what happens during business hours.

  • physician-centered practice

    Modern political and economic forces push doctors into employment by non-physician-owned organizations, and continue to claim that proper care (particularly trauma care) can only be achieved at a select few large institutions. These trends are bad for doctors and worse for patients. The practice of medicine has its roots in local, physician-led practices, and the delivery of healthcare cannot exist outside of an interaction between doctor and patient. Advent believes that the best way to deliver healthcare remains an intimate doctor-patient interaction in the context of a local practice designed and led by physicians. Advent is owned by practicing physicians, and each facility operates under local physician leadership.


At Advent Orthopaedics, we strive to be there for you, when you need us. By locating in communities near you we can offer premier orthopaedic services when you need them most. Our team of expertly trained and experience surgeons are here for you.

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