The spine is your body’s support system. Left untreated, spinal injuries can greatly impact your mobility and quality of life. Neck or back pain and spinal injuries may occur from something as simple as improperly lifting a heavy object, or may result from long-term bone diseases like osteoporosis. Our expert physicians will carefully evaluate your injury and determine a treatment option that meets your specific needs and results in your fullest recovery.

We’ve Got Your Back

With Advent, surgery is not the immediate go-to. If relief or recovery is possible through other methods, our specialists will recommend those treatments first. Physical therapy or injections will resolve many injuries. Should spinal surgery be necessary, our fellowship-trained surgeons will employ a variety of advanced methods and minimally invasive techniques to treat your back injury. Our in-house physical therapists will work with you through the recovery process to ensure you regain your strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Advent – Commitment and Care

At Advent, we truly care about your pain and recovery, and we are committed to helping you understand the causes of your pain, the extent of your injury or condition, and options for your recovery. Our highly-experienced specialists provide conservative, non-surgical and minimally invasive surgical treatments to bring you the most relief.

As a physician-owned and led business (not a large corporate health network), we are able to ensure that every decision made during your treatment directly benefits you and your health. Our entire Advent team is proud to dedicate ourselves to your recovery. From the minute you reach out to us, your health is truly the priority for every member of the team. If you’re ready to take the first steps on the road to recovery, schedule an appointment today.

Dr. Lance Ellis

Since 2011, Dr. Ellis has served the Waco community assisting thousands of patients with his surgical and non-surgical expertise in a variety of orthopaedic specialties.   Having completed a prestigious fellowship in Orthopaedic Spine Surgery at Texas Back in Dallas, Texas, one of Dr. Ellis’ specialties is the management of back and spine injuries and conditions such as cervical and lumbar diseases, disc conditions, nerve disorders of the back and spine, and spinal trauma, offering the most innovative and minimally invasive techniques available.

When it comes to serving the local community, Dr. Ellis focuses on a comprehensive team approach to patient care that puts patients first. His commitment to providing compassionate and comprehensive spinal care means he, and the entire Advent team, consider your back pain a priority. Dr. Ellis will work with you to find the least-invasive and most comfortable treatment plan to suit your needs.

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