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Why should i care

about Bone Health?

Bones are more important to a healthy life than we sometimes realize.  They give our bodies support, protect our organs, store important minerals, and most practically, they allow us to move.  Most people don’t think about bones or bone health until an injury occurs, but like the rest of our bodies bones need to be healthy to function like they should.  Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones effecting at least 40 million Americans, and causing up to 2 million fractures, every year.  By 2020, more than half  of the population above age 50 will suffer from this condition that weakness bones and greatly increases the risk of sustaining a serious fracture.


 The Good news…

The news about Bones Health isn’t all bad.  In fact, current medical technology offers solutions to those suffering from Osteoporosis. Advent Bone Health is working to reduce these negative  trends and treat Osteoporosis in our patients before it leads to life changing injury.  Through advanced diagnosis and treatment, the effects of Osteoporosis can be avoided or reversed.

Healthy Bones.  healthy Life.

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