Understanding Your Injury

Fractures, or broken bones, can range in severity from partial fractures to complete fractures which result in the bone being separated into two or more pieces. Breaks most often result from an occurrence of trauma, such as a hard fall, a motor vehicle accident, or a sports injury. Osteoporosis causes a thinning of bones over time and can also lead to bone fractures. Some fractures come from overuse of a specific body part, as occurs primarily with athletes.

Treating fractures depends on the severity of the specific injury. In most cases, stabilizing and immobilizing your broken bone will be the most effective treatment. More severe fractures may require surgical attention to facilitate your fullest recovery.

Restoring Your Body

At Advent, we make it our priority to fully restore function to the injured part of your body. Our orthopaedic specialists are experts at evaluating the severity of your fracture and determining the best treatment plan for your fullest recovery.

Ultimately, broken bones must be put back into their position and prevented from moving out of place in order to heal completely. Our team of experts will recommend nonoperative or surgical treatments depending specifically on your injury and needs. Depending on the method of treatment, recovery can range from several weeks to several months.

Advent’s team of specialists will be able to facilitate your treatment in-house. If surgery is necessary, our fellowship-trained surgeons are experienced at using the most advanced minimally invasive surgical techniques. Through Advent Therapy, we also offer physical therapy services so that we can ensure your complete recovery and rehabilitation.

Providing the Care You Deserve

As a physician-owned and led business (not a large corporate health network), we are able to ensure that every decision made during your treatment directly benefits you and your health. Our entire Advent team is proud to dedicate ourselves to your recovery. From the minute you reach out to us, your health is truly the priority for every member of the team.

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