Our hand specialists at Advent are trained to deal with even the most extensive hand injuries through both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. Common injuries include both traumatic contact injuries such as joint dislocations, sprains, muscle strains, broken bones, tendon inflammation, and ligament tears as well as overuse injuries such as tendon inflammation and dislocation, nerve injury, and over use stress fractures.


Hand surgeons typically care for these problems without surgery, but they are specially trained to operate when necessary. When a problem takes place in the hand, care must be given to all the different types of tissues that make function of the hand possible.  Advent’s fellowship trained hand surgeons are capable of providing the best care possible.


Your post-operative recovery period is an essential part of the entire process of surgery and a return to optimum function. It is inevitable that the patient will feel little to moderate pain in the hand after surgery, but nothing that medication won’t alleviate.

Though our hands are a crucial and intricate part of our bodies, allowing the hand time to recover after surgery is crucial. Immobilization in a bandage or splint after surgery is likely, and your Advent specialist will decide the length of time for the immobilization. Expect your doctor to request you to keep the hand immobilized during sleep, even after you are given the OK to use it normally during the day.

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