Understanding your injury

When an injury occurs, there’s no time to waste. A quick recovery is of the utmost importance especially for athletes who are looking to get back in their game as soon as possible. At Advent Orthopaedics, we treat sport-related injuries across the spectrum, from sprains and dislocations to chronic joint pain and fractures. Our sports medicine team is dedicated to preventative care. Throughout your treatment, we help you understand the causes of your injury to minimize your risk for future injuries.



At Advent, we know athletes are passionate about their sport. As a group of fellowship-trained orthopaedic experts, we will evaluate your injury and determine a treatment plan for your fullest and fastest recovery. Our physicians will walk alongside you during your physical therapy treatment for a sprain, and they can repair a torn ACL using the most innovative minimally-invasive surgical techniques in the field.



As a physician-owned and led business (not a large corporate health network), we are able to ensure that every decision made during your treatment directly benefits you and your health. Our entire Advent team is proud to dedicate ourselves to your recovery. From the minute you reach out to us, your health is truly the priority for every member of the team.

No matter the cause or extent of your joint pain, the orthopaedic specialists at Advent are dedicated to your fullest recovery. Our team will help you understand the extent of your injuries and provide individualized treatment plans to relieve your pain and get you back to your life.

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