Trauma can happen at a moment’s notice and, depending on the occurrence, can happen to a wide variety of organ systems and extremities. Due to the severity of these injuries, they often require immediate and careful medical attention in order to facilitate the best possible recovery. Advent’s trauma specialists are trained to operate on even the most serious injuries. While most traumatic injuries do require operative treatment, Advent’s team members thoroughly evaluate every patient’s needs individually.


Because of their severity, traumatic injuries often require immediate and careful medical attention. Advent’s trauma surgeons are proficient in all aspects of intensive and critical care. Often, traumatic events lead to multiple injuries. Our team members start by quickly but thoroughly diagnosing the severity of each injury before designing an overall treatment plan. They prioritize procedures to address the most severe injuries first before treating other non-life-threatening ones.

While non-operative treatment options are available, many injuries typically do require surgical intervention in order to ensure the best possible recovery. Traumatic injuries can occur to a wide range of organ systems and extremities. For this reason, our board-certified trauma surgeons are familiar with a large variety of surgical and non-surgical options for even the most severe traumatic injuries.




We are a group of fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons, many of whom specialize in the care of injured patients. Our mission is to partner with your health care facility to build and maintain trauma centers that are capable of providing the highest level of care to injured patients in your community. Through this partnership, we will empower your hospital to create the infrastructure necessary to meet the trauma needs of your community, as well as to become a trauma referral center for your region. We will help your hospital provide world-class trauma care without the need to transfer patients away from your community. Your hospital will retain those cases that would otherwise be transferred out.

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